We can provide multiple services simultaneously in order to support the different parts of your business.

As recognised trace-only specialists we are highly effective when undertaking secondary tracing as well as primary – most can’t – or aren’t.

Our vast experience of operational collections and it’s challenges has allowed us to create a range of highly relevant, effective trace solutions which can be quickly deployed to support your business needs.



Data can be communicated using whatever format you prefer. At-a-glance reporting can be produced for you in whatever format and at whatever frequency you prefer. We are happy to accommodate client audits at short notice whenever the need arises. Due to the diverse nature of our client base and their business models we are adept at catering for change as your business strategy evolves.

Bespoke Services

  • Lower arrears levels, higher cash collected.
  • Reduced spending and administration on warrants.
  • Reduced level of closed accounts.
  • Improved cash flow and profit.
  • Your people spend more time collecting payments and adding value to your business.

Accurate Data

  • Less “un-workable” accounts clogging up workflow.
  • Faster more effective recovery activity.

Our expertise

  • Free up valuable resource. Let us do the time-consuming trace work and get your people collecting debts.
  • Skill-set. By tapping into our range of skills your team benefits from first class data to enhance their results.
  • Support. Urgent requests? Guidance with in-house activity? As outsource specialists we are an invaluable addition to your collections team.


Our pioneering concept – real-time telephone connection with your gone-away debtors at a collectable stage greatly improves collections and reduces closed account levels.

Pre-Litigation Reports

  • Relevant, accurate data to improve decision making when assessing potential litigation cases.
  • Improved returns from successful litigation versus spend.
  • Reduction in time consuming administration.
  • Reduced expenditure on ineffective litigation and enforcement.

Fast response

  • 14 day SLA delivers you quick, valuable data to inform and enhance all stages of your recovery process.
  • Urgent requests. At no extra cost we will gladly prioritise key cases for you when needed.

Scalability & Accuracy

10,000 trace requests each month


How much inaccurate data could you be paying for?

  • We only deem new address data to be accurate if it has been validated and cross-referenced by a minimum of two additional sources.
  • Every lead generated is passed to an expert agent in order for them to get on the phones to investigate.
  • On this basis we discard as many leads as we confirm. Without expert human intervention how much inaccurate data could you be paying for?
  • With a refund rate of <1% your admin with us is negligible – the industry average is >5%. Data-Only average is considerably higher again.

Lean process support


Resource optimisation


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