Why choose Trace & Connect?

Specialising in financial services, utilities, litigation and retail markets, Trace & Connect’s relationship focused approach has helped clients deliver outstanding solutions and results over many years.

Simply put, we work with our clients to deliver their objectives.

We consistently deliver outstanding results way above industry averages. We aim to improve customer outcomes while working in a highly compliant manner and treating your customers fairly.


Data can be communicated using whatever format you prefer. 

At-a-glance reporting can be produced for you in whatever format and at whatever frequency you prefer. We are happy to accommodate client audits at short notice whenever the need arises. Due to the diverse nature of our client base and their business models we are adept at catering for change as your business strategy evolves.


We can provide multiple services simultaneously in order to support the different parts of your business.
As recognised trace-only specialists we are highly effective when undertaking secondary tracing as well as primary – most can’t – or aren’t.

Our vast experience of operational collections and it’s challenges has allowed us to create a range of highly relevant, effective trace solutions which can be quickly deployed to support your business needs.


How much inaccurate data could you be paying for?

> We only deem new address data to be accurate if it has been validated and cross-referenced by a minimum of two additional sources.
> Every lead generated is passed to an expert agent in order for them to get on the phones to investigate.
> On this basis we discard as many leads as we confirm. Without expert human intervention how much inaccurate data could you be paying for?
> With a refund rate of <1% your admin with us is negligible – the industry average is >5%. Data-Only average is considerably higher again.

Lean Process Support

Resource Optimisation

A proven track record

Trace & Connect is a proven method that has been working successfully for large and small organisations, since 2000.

Most of our agents have more than twenty years experience, working with a wide range of clients including; banks, building societies, solicitors and debt collection companies but is suitable for any type of company with internal debt control issues.

“David’s insight and experience has enabled the business to achieve exceptional results in contacting interest only customers. This has placed us in a strong position to manage our risk and as they are expert at finding even the most difficult to contact customers, we are also able to help these customers who are often those with no repayment strategy towards better outcomes. An unexpected benefit from Trace & Connect’s work has also identified customers who require contact due to other circumstances where vulnerability or terms & conditions issues need to be addressed.”

Mark Howell, ex Bank of Ireland

To discuss how you could improve your contact rates, reduce costs and improve customer relationships call Christopher Thompson on

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