Successfully locating and re-establishing contact between our client and thousands of their customers each month

For our clients, we offer a range of bespoke services in order to cater for different recoveries strategies.

Trace & Connect

Talk directly to your ‘gone-away’ in seconds

Our methods combine conventional tracing techniques with an innovative and proven system for making direct telephone contact with the ‘gone-away’. This enables our team of tracers to quickly confirm the caller’s identity, correct address and telephone number, and in many cases get extra details such as employer or other contact numbers.

Typically we then go that vital step further – by rapidly transferring the call directly through to an existing designated number in your office, collection centre or credit control department. Just seconds after the ‘gone-away’ has been traced, you can be talking to them directly – giving you the best possible chance of resolving the account.

We work with all of our clients to create the service that works for them, from simply supplying additional data to handling the whole process, all delivered compliantly with the customer in mind.

Primary Trace

We do the hard work for you!

To recover debt from ‘gone-aways’ we know you need to talk to your customers to make an arrangement to pay and our main focus is to try and help you establish that contact. We do not simply provide you with a snippet of data gleaned from a database but we pursue any leads uncovered to establish if the information uncovered is correct. We like to confirm each address by two different sources and then try and make the telephone contact with the customer for you. We put a lot of emphasis on trying to find new telephone numbers for your customer to maximise any telephone contact opportunities. Once we have the customer on the telephone we can pass the call directly through to your office telephone or an incoming calls area. No technology is needed!

In brief, we make life easier for you. We provide the effort and resources to make the vital contact call with the customer and allow your staff to concentrate on collecting the debt. If we are able to trace 65% of your ‘gone aways’ and get a third of those traced on the telephone, you could be speaking to over 20% of your missing debtors within the next few days. The result of this initiative would be increased recoveries and bad debt provision savings (especially if the provision against ‘gone- away’ debt is higher than standard debt). There is no charge for a negative trace and rechecks are kept to a minimum (less than 1.0%) due to our thorough processes.

High street banks, solicitors and debt collection agencies have chosen to use this highly effective service, with great success, for many years.

Secondary Trace

You may have already tried to trace customers yourselves or used another service.

If this has not worked then you could try our secondary tracing service.  We use a different set of searches to uncover new leads and telephone numbers that may lead to contact with your elusive customer.  

Connect Only

Recently we have come across clients who say they have been writing and calling collection account customers but cannot make any contact.

They do not believe that these customers have necessarily moved away so are not technically trace cases. In these situations we can find and provide more telephone numbers to our clients or we can go on and make the calls and try and establish contact with the customer. If we successfully make contact we simply transfer the customer to our client to resolve the account.

Debt Collection

We are frequently asked by clients if we are able to collect their debt. 

We can use a partner company specialising in debt collection to trace and then collect your debt.  Alternatively, we can work in partnership with your own Debt Collection Agency.  We also work closely with a specialist debt collection solicitor so we can carry out litigation processing.

Contact Chris Thompson on 01484 722995 for more information about this new service.

Our other services

Reduce all recovery expenditure

Trace & Connect reduces all recovery expenditure by re-connecting you with debtors at an early stage. Real-time collections opportunities as we re-connect you with your gone-away debtors.

Accurate High Value Trace Reporting

In depth consumer data to assist debt recovery of your key high balance cases.

Detailed Pre-Legal 

Accurate data to assist in your assessment of potential litigation opportunities.

Occupancy Verification Reports

We can reduce the cost of using your own staff resource or agent field visits. If we make telephone contact with the occupier you are able to collect any arrears and sign up a new customer.

Secondary Trace Specialists

We are happy to try and find customers where your primary process or agent has failed to find a new address. As there is no charge for a negative trace then there is nothing to lose!

High Volume Historic Trace Work

Accurately re-connecting you with high volumes of historic bad debt cases (Closed accounts).

Process Serving

We can appoint process servers on your behalf to mitigate refund requests from incorrect address data.


Litigation support.

Business Tracing

SME Commercial Business Tracing. We are high volume specialists in this key market.

Employment Tracing

Invaluable when considering litigation options.

Free Consultancy Work

With over 60 years in senior collections management, we are happy to share objective feedback on workflows and processes where deemed helpful.

To discuss how you could improve your contact rates, reduce costs and improve customer relationships call Christopher Thompson on

01484 722995