• Tracking down your stubborn gone-aways

    Does your trace agent just send you a paper report? And if so, even positive traces can lead to further delays, time wasted on rechecks, additional admin costs and reinstated bad debt provision.

    Or do you use trace and collect? In this case you’ll be familiar with paying higher commission rates, risking brand reputation, and probably losing the customer forever.

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trace+connect® is different

trace+connect® is different. Our approach is based on the belief that tracing is only the start of the process. We know you need to speak directly to the gone-away to resolve the account – that’s why when we trace them, we instantly transfer the call to you. It’s a fast, efficient, and proven way of reconnecting collection departments with their gone-aways.

The results are so good, and we’re so confident of this principle, that we’ll offer you a free trial to prove it works. And the best part is that trace+connect® costs no more than a traditional tracing service.

Experience is key

Our expert team of tracers have critical experience and insight, and are well-versed in applying their range skill-sets to suit various tracing problems. Highly resourceful and effective at extracting information, they’re able to be friendly and sympathetic as well as probing and determined when necessary.

Calls are methodically and continually reviewed. We are always working to maintain the very highest standards of operational effectiveness and professionalism on your behalf.

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Christopher Thompson MCICM - Operations Director

Chris joined us in 2005, after spending 17 years in the debt collection departments at HBOS. His final position was Senior Operations Executive, responsible for early collections. Chris now oversees the daily operations of trace+connect® where his vast experience of collections and recoveries is invalueable. Chris ensures that rechecks are kept to an absolute minimum by providing high quality information to our clients.

David Williams MCICM photo

David Williams MCICM - Managing Director

David has over twenty six years experience in the debt collection industry. During this time he has designed, managed and run UK collection call centres. Before founding Hillside Services Ltd, the parent of trace+connect®, David spent nine years at HBOS where he developed and managed the banking collections call centres. In his final position at HBOS, he was responsible for the collections and recovery of all the banking products. Passionate about innovation, David constantly strives to find new ways to make our clients’ collections ever more efficient and effective.

Working successfully for the biggest names in banking

trace+connect® is a proven method that has been working successfully for 5 years. We’re equally successful for smaller organisations. Now we’re working for an even wider range of clients, including banks, building societies, solicitors, debt collection companies, and any other company with internal debt control issues. Some of our clients include:

  • 1st Stop Finance
  • 1st Utility
  • ACH Shoosmith Solicitors
  • Advantage Finance
  • Anderson Strathern Solicitors
  • Associated British Ports
  • Baker Tilly
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Burnley Savings and Loans Ltd
  • Butcher & Barlow LLP
  • Carloan2day
  • Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors
  • Charterhouse Claims
  • Clarke Wilmott Solicitors
  • Clear Debt Solutions
  • Cobbetts Solicitors
  • Co-op Energy
  • Debt Collection Services Ltd
  • Direct Redress
  • DFA Law
  • Dr Barnado’s
  • Eversheds Solicitors
  • Extra Energy
  • Fair Trade Practice
  • Hannah’s Sheriff Officers
  • Hart Reade Solicitors
  • Hydron Debt and Metering Ltd
  • Irwin Mitchell Solicitors
  • JBW Debt Recovery
  • Kingston Council
  • Lindley & Simpson
  • Lloyds TSB
  • Metropolitan Housing Association
  • Natwest Bank
  • Neil Hudgell Solicitors
  • Npower
  • Optima Legal
  • Perfect Home Stores
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Scott & Mears
  • Shakespeare’s Solicitors
  • The Tenet Group
  • Thornbury Collections
  • TLT Solicitors
  • Universal Collections
  • Welcome Finance
  • Wilkin Chapman Solicitors
  • Wilkinson Woodward Solicitors

Steve White (MICM) at Thornbury Collections Ltd:

 “I have been using Hillside for about a year now and after having many a nightmare with other tracing agents I’m very happy to report that Hillside do a fantastic job for us at an excellent price. The quality of the reports is first class and their ‘ring through’ service just shows why we use them and only them.”

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