Experts at contacting difficult to reach customers

Founded in 1999 by David Williams the business combines a unique combination of technology and processes with a highly skilled and experienced team to deliver exceptional results in the financial services, utilities, telecommunications and professional services industries.

Delivering outstanding results through a close working relationship, and agreeing objectives through to delivering compliant processes, Trace & Connect doesn’t just do desk top searches, they find and reconnect clients using telephone including ‘hot key’ transfer whereby the client is put back in touch through instant transfer.

Trace & Connect is different

Bespoke service solutions, fast turnarounds, simple data requirements all compliantly delivered with the customer in mind.

Low cost solutions where you only pay for positive results.

Trace & Connect finds difficult to reach customers who may have moved home, be vulnerable or have gone through a life event, such as separation, making it important that clients can get in touch and reconnect to ensure fair outcomes. These clients may in some circumstances be reluctant to get in touch and we ensure all contact is sensitive to the customer’s potential circumstances.

Experience is key

Our expert team of agents utilise their wide range of skills sets and vast experience to resolve all sorts of contact issues.

Highly resourceful and effective at extracting information, they’re able to be friendly and sympathetic as well as probing and determined when necessary.

Calls are methodically and continually reviewed. We are always working to maintain the very highest standards of operational effectiveness and professionalism on your behalf.

Christopher Thompson

MCICM – Operations Director

Chris joined us in 2005, after spending 17 years in the debt collection departments at HBOS. His final position was Senior Operations Executive, responsible for early collections. Chris now oversees the daily operations of Trace & Connect where his vast experience of collections and recoveries is invaluable. Chris ensures that the information provided to our clients is of the highest quality, compliant and supplied in a timely manner.

David Williams

Managing Director

David has 37 years experience in the debt collection industry. During this time he has designed, managed and run UK collection call centres. Before founding Hillside Services Limited, the parent of Trace & Connect, some twenty years ago, David spent nine years at HBOS where he developed and managed the banking collections call centres. In his final position at HBOS, he was responsible for the collections and recovery of all the banking products. Passionate about innovation, David constantly strives to find new ways to make our clients’ collections ever more efficient and effective.

“I’ve worked with Dave at Hillside for the last 6 years. Dave is always looking for ways to improve results. He is honest and best described as ‘delivers what it says on the tin’.”

Chris Cousins, Royal Bank of Scotland
(Comment was made in March 2011 and we are still working together)

Working successfully for the biggest names in banking, utilities and the legal services industries.

Trace & Connect have been successfully providing clients in the banking, utilities and legal services industries for over 20 years.

We’re equally successful for smaller firms as we only charge for positive outcomes (contact) meaning firms are able to plan effectively knowing that any expenditure incurred will benefit the business.

Our banking clients include RBS and Nat West together with solicitors Wilkin Chapman and Shoosmiths. We support debt collection agencies, energy suppliers and other organisations who need to make contact with their customers.

To discuss how you could improve your contact rates, reduce costs and improve customer relationships call Christopher Thompson on

01484 722995