Customer contact experts

We specialise in reaching customers you find hard to reach.

Our market-leading approach to enhancing customer address and telephone data combined with expert contact methodologies delivers some of the best contact rates in the world today.

By doing so we help you address and solve important customer issues that require dialogue, delivering brighter outcomes for you and your client.

“Contacting hard to reach customers is no longer a nice to have, it’s obligatory.”

Are firms doing enough to achieve the best possible outcomes for their hard to reach, potentially vulnerable, customers? With an ever-increasing focus on treating customers fairly, data regulation, provisioning, bottom-line results, and corporate and social responsibility, there has never been a more critical time to stay in touch.

David Williams
Trace & Connect

Proven solutions that deliver above industry contact rates.

Trace & Connect employ a unique combination of technology and investigative expertise that is unrivalled in larger more automated competitors.

“66% uplift in contact rates with leading UK mortgage lender.”

Following initial contact attempts made by the lender using multiple communication methods, Trace & Connect improved contact from 30% to 65%, whilst ensuring compliance and sensitive customers were not unduly stressed by contact. This was achieved even though our work was only with non-responders from all the other contact activity.

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Services tailored to you.

Bespoke service solutions, fast turnarounds, simple data requirements all compliantly delivered with the customer in mind.

Low cost solutions where you only pay for positive results.

“We work hard to make your life easier.”

Trace & Connect believe the cornerstone to success is a strong relationship with you, ensuring objectives are understood at the outset that can then be delivered by tailored solutions. This can involve Trace & Connect taking on the whole contact strategy through to supporting client staff to improve their own results.

The result? Cost effective bespoke solutions that deliver improved contact rates that are only charged for when a positive result is achieved.

Specialists in the financial services, legal and utilities industries.

Trace & Connect have over 20 years experience across a range of specialist fields, delivering exceptional results for clients time and again.

Working successfully for the biggest names in banking

Trace & Connect is a proven method that has been working successfully for twenty years. We’re equally successful for smaller organisations. Now we’re working for an even wider range of clients, including banks, building societies, solicitors, debt collection agencies, utility companies, and any other companies with internal debt control issues.

Our banking clients include the likes of RBS and NatWest together with solicitors Wilkin Chapman and Shoosmiths. We support debt collection agencies, energy suppliers and other organisations who need to make contact with their customers.

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