• Reconnecting you with your customers.


    In the world of debt collection, trace+connect® is unique.

    It’s a pioneering concept that puts you directly back in telephone contact with your ’gone-aways’.

    And it makes debt recovery far more effective.

    Now you’re talking.

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  • Flexibility

    We wrap our services around your existing  processes, and can quickly adapt to cater for evolving client needs.

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  • Value

    Cutting corners on price always
    compromises quality.

    Our specialist service gives you highly accurate, reliable data to work with and reduces the need for secondary trace submissions, strain on cash flow and additional paperwork.

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Dramatically increase debt recovery from your ‘gone-aways’.

We not only trace your customer, we try to make telephone contact with them and then transfer the call to your collections team at no extra cost!


primary trace

Our frontline service provides fast, accurate, cost effective tracing.

Using highly trained and skilled telephone tracers we do not simply rely on database searches.


secondary trace

We have great success where others have failed.

Our investigators review each case thoroughly and leave no stone unturned.

No trace, no fee.


connect only

If you find that your customers will not answer your calls or respond to your letters then try our new ‘connect’ only service.  We find new telephone numbers, make telephone contact and pass the call to you.


debt collection

We have teamed up with an industry leading DCA to provide a unique trace & collect service.

As a leading trace agency we provide a high trace success rate coupled with high recovery rates from an award winning DCA.


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